INSTAGRANIMAL – A symposium on the animal ethics and welfare challenges in animal-based tourism

Erica von Essen hosts a symposium on the animal ethics and welfare challenges in animal-based tourism. It will take place on 27-28 August 2019 at Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences, Upsalla.

Petting orphan tiger cubs at sanctuaries and taking #slothselfies are part of an increasingly popular animal-based tourism industry. In an open two-day interdisciplinary symposium, we examine the animal welfare standards and human-animal relations that are impacted and produced in this tourism.

An aim of the symposium is to clarify the ethical responsibilities toward animals in eco-tourism, hunting tourism and agri-tourism, which offer different forms of engagement with animals for a fee. Our gathering of national and international researchers and stakeholders span tourism policy & management, animal tourism and sustainability, animal welfare, sociology, anthropology, animal and environmental ethics, and more.

Instagranimal features 20 speakers in total. Everyone is welcome to come listen to the presentations on day one and the first half of day 2 in room Z, Ulls hus, Ultuna. Closed workshop sessions for the symposium participants follow.

The symposium is funded by the Future Animals, Nature and Health platform of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, with sponsorship by the Swedish Centre for Animal Welfare (SCAW) and the Division of Environmental Communication both at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

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