Postdoc position in our team!

We are looking for a postdoctoral research fellow who would enrich our international Prague-based team working on the project titled Bewildering Boar: Changing Cosmopolitics of the Hunt in Europe and Beyond.

Eurasian wild pigs (Sus scrofa) feature regularly in European public discourse, for their numbers have been rising spectacularly across the continent. While in some parts of Europe this by now synanthropic species generates sympathy, in other places humans have declared war on wild boars for causing extensive damage to landscapes, agriculture, transportation networks and so on. In this context we are asking how the Eurasian wild pig has featured in human lives, and vice versa, in dynamically changing socio-environmental contexts. We expect our new colleague to join our efforts in focusing empirically on human-pig (wild or domestic) relations. We are open-minded and ready to take on board any relevant perspective from anthropology of science to legal anthropology or indeed from related disciplines.

Duration: 2 years, starting in January 2019.

Eligibility: The candidate should have obtained her/his PhD degree in anthropology or another closely related field no earlier than 30 September 2016 and no later than 30 September 2018. (Exception could apply to those who spent time at parental leave or placement abroad – relative to the country where they received their PhD.) Please get in touch to consult the details.

Salary: The gross-monthly postdoc salary will be around 30.000 CZK.

We expect the successful candidate to reside in Prague and pursue the fieldwork anywhere in Europe or beyond. Note however, that our research funds are limited and you might need to rise extra research funding.

If interested please send your CV and a short project description (max. 500 words) stating how your research agenda could be integrated into the Bewildering Boar project by
20 August 2018. If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us!

Ludek Broz
broz [at]

Anibal Arregui
arregui [at]

Virginie Vate
virginie.vate [at]

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